Version 2.2.1 release

Here are the changes...
  • [Requirement] Add row editing support - merge, clean innerHTML
  • [Requirement] Add cell editing support - merge, clean innerHTML
  • [Requirement] String Externalize wizard: save property key name prefix in preference
  • [Bug] Incorrect Table rendering in some case
  • [Bug] Click on
  • [Bug] Cannot insert/delete table cell in some case
  • [Bug] Cell selection is wrong if select from top-right to bottom-left/bottom-left to top-right


Version 2.2.0 release

This version are focused on table editing support:
  • [Requirement] Support row/cell selection
  • [Requirement] Add row editing support - insert
  • [Requirement] Add cell editing support - insert/delete/move
  • [Requirement] Click on empty TD/DIV : set actual position to end of start tag
  • [Bug] Error happened after run String Externalize wizard
  • [Bug] Import file handling issue for Editor view
  • [Bug] Cursor disappear in some case


Version 2.1.2 release

  • [Requirement] Move selected area via drag and drop
  • [Requirement] Improve the selection for special element, such as: BUTTON, IMG
  • [Bug] Visual view: Switch file does not work in some case
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move to right position in some case
  • [Bug] Selection is wrong when select elements of include files
For more information about drag and drop support, please view this page.


Version 2.1.1 release

This version is focus on bug fix and improve selection control:

  • [Requirement] More handling for select between visual view/editor
  • [Requirement] Create/update taglib config wizard do not produce tag setting if parent config already defined it
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position for include files
  • [Bug] Selection in Visual view does not work if file opened by several editor


Version 2.1.0 release

Change list:
  • [Requirement] Add HTML visual view
  • [Requirement] Support import/export css file in CSS style preference page
  • [Requirement] Prevent scrolling when selection change
  • [Requirement] Modify tag lib config dialog: improve usability
  • [Requirement] Primitive tag lib handler: add new action type for output resource bundle message
  • [Requirement] Add java script API: isElementContentWhitespace(), getBundleMessage()
  • [Requirement] Remove set file associate dialog at start up
  • [Bug] Resource bundle name should not include source folder
  • [Bug] Image/CSS does not loaded in some case
  • [Bug] Get class property error in some case
  • [Bug] Selection between visual view/editor is wrong in some case
The HTML visual view is similar the visual part in bravo editor.
But it could shared by all editor, so it consume less resource.
It also offer more support for include files.
For other editor which extend webtools, like Eclipse PHP editor,
we recommended you use this view.

Note about PHP: currently, all of PHP tag/code are not processed.
If you like to use include another page, the only way is SSI syntax.
For example:



Version 2.0.1 release

  • [Requirement] Support copy/paste HTML with other application, adjust popup menu sequence.
  • [Requirement] Improve selection support for visual part/source code editor.
  • [Requirement] Detect XULRunner plugin when Eclipse start up, change warning message.
  • [Requirement] Add php support in File associate dialog.
  • [Bug] Default java script share function is not initial.
  • [Bug] Broken image does not display in some case.
  • [Bug] Dialog does not show after click Add button in Taglib config preference page.
  • [Bug] Cursor config take wrong value in Editor default config.
  • [Bug] Fix XULRunner compatible problem
Welcome for feedback or suggestion, thank you.


Version 2.0.0 release - Linux support!

  • [Requirement] Change visual part core to Mozilla XULRunner, include lots of hehavior change
  • [Requirement] Support WST only environment, such as: Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developer or Eclipse IDE for PHP Developer
  • [Requirement] Add zoom in/zoom out/custom scale support
  • [Requirement] Adjust label text/component position of String External Wizard
Finally, most implementation are done. Please read this page before install/upgrade to new version.

I make lots of changes in core engine It could display acid2 test correctly.(Hold ctrl key, then press the Take The Acid2 Test link)

And Doraemon which create by a CSS expert!

I notice Mozilla starting offer XULRunner 64 bit nightly build for Linux, but I don't plan to package a XULRunner plugin before stable version release.
If you are 64bit platform user, and install a useful XULRunner successful. Please let me know, think you.

To donated user: If you get invalid license file after install the new version, please send me a email and tell me your name/paypal email. I will send you another license file. Thank you.


Version 1.6.1 release

This version only include some bug fix:
  • [Bug] text after <br> does not render
  • [Bug] CSS id selector does not work in some case
  • [Bug] Error happened when click element of imported page
The Mozilla core version is still under development.
Currently, we have start some testing in Ubuntu 10.4TLS. Unfortunately, the build-in xulrunner seem not support Java XPCOM. The workaround is install Mozilla official build or xulrunner plugin build by ATF team.

The Mozilla core version will also support wst only environment, such as: Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers or Eclipse for PHP Developers. You can used it to edit pure HTML page.


Visual part use Mozilla core, Linux version comming soon~

The first goal is provide the same functionality as v1.6.0
The plugin install requirement will change to:
  • JRE/JDK must be v1.5 or newer
  • Eclipse/WTP version (TBD... Currently, my development platform is Eclipse v3.5+ WTP v3.0)
  • XULRunner v1.9.1 (Mozilla runtime package) or newer
  • Required plugin "org.mozilla.rhino" change to "org.mozilla.javascript" (already included in WTP v3.1, it can be used with old version)

The XULRunner offer browser core engine, it support several platforms and more CSS3 support than IE. The bad news is Mozilla do NOT offer Win64 binary yet...

In my opinion, the Mozilla API is more useful and precise than IE. So I plan to stop IE core support in version 1.6.x. (This branch only include bug fix)

Please leave your comment here or email us.
Especially for Linux and Win64 user. Thank you.


Version 1.6.0 release

Here are the changes:

  • [Requirement] Remove XSLT handler. Add tag lib handler: run custom java script for output DOM objects.
  • [Requirement] Add new type "attribToElementText" to Primitive tag lib handler, it could output attribute value to a text node
  • [Requirement] Add new API: getChildElements() in java script object XMLNode.
  • [Requirement] Add global API log() in DOM find/replace dialog.
  • [Bug] Tablib config does not reload in some case
  • [Bug] Dialog is not open when click edit Tag lib config
  • [Bug] Use file attribute if url attribute is not specified
The new tag handler can used to simulate any HTML based tag library. I also implement several java scripts to support JSF dataTable and other tags. Welcome to share your implement here!


Javascript taglib handler

The core implementation is done. I also write several scripts to render the JSF tag: dataTable, GridPanel...
The detail APIs can be found in this page.

I also remove the taglib handler "XSLT Template", since it consume more resource and difficult to simulate the real output.
Next version will release after all testing complete.


Version 1.5.1 release

  • [Requirement] Add support for selecting from end of node
  • [Requirement] Allow add/edit tag lib config for free edition
  • [Requirement] Add config: Spring html form tag lib
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move for some case
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position when enable "Open editor for imported page"
  • [Bug] Import page does not render in some case
The end of node detection still have some problem due to browser limitation.


Version 1.5.0 release

  • [Requirement] Add new option 'Output empty element's id', useful for GWT page design.
  • [Requirement] Add axes support in Define Xpath dialog
  • [Requirement] Add xpath in Modify element dialog
  • [Requirement] Press tab key could edit next cell in String External Wizard and Modify element dialog(for eclipse 3.3 or higher version)
  • [Requirement] Import handle can import workspace file. The imported page support tag.
  • [Bug] Cannot start String External Wizard
The taglib handler "XSLT Template" will be removed in future version. Please feedback if you do need it. Currently, I'm thinking about add another handler for complex tag lib rendering. The handler could execute custom java script developed by yourself and offer required information for rendering. Please let me know if you have any opinion. Thanks.


Version 1.4.3 release

This version is focused on bug fix...
  • [Requirement] Add more help support to dialog/preference page
  • [Bug] Cannot startup in 64bit environment
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move in some case
  • [Bug] Do not save condition if no input in Define XPath dialog


Version 1.4.2 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Postpone visual part rendering after source code changed
  • [Requirement] Add more selection support in visual part
  • [Requirement] Support selected area changed if SHIFT key is pressed
  • [Requirement] Tag handler: rename "Output nothing" to "Output child", add "Ignore"(ignore all child nodes process)
  • [Requirement] Change save behavior of editor preference
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position in some case
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden SPAN element is wrong
  • [Bug] node.removeElementTag() does not work
Postpone visual part rendering could improve the performance when you continuous typing or format source code. Please feedback if you have other suggestion.


Version 1.4.1 release

Finally, the cursor and selection are implemented in this version:
  • [Requirement] Display cursor in visual part
  • [Requirement] Add multiple element/text selection support in visual part
  • [Requirement] Change selection event handling, visual part could handle most event come from keyboard/mouse.
  • [Bug] Truncate statement of JSP tag lib handling should be reversed


Version 1.4.0 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Support JSP 2.0 tag/tagx file
  • [Requirement] Keep visual part scroll position when refresh
  • [Requirement] Update license page, add trail license request button
  • [Bug] Visual part no response when JSP parsing error exist
  • [Bug] CSS background image does not display in
  • [Bug] CSS style of include page is not rendered
  • [Bug] Position error when add attribute in DOM find/replace dialog
  • [Bug] Remove XML prefix when generate xpath in DOM find/replace dialog
  • [Bug] Xpath is not saved when click 'Save to Command' button in DOM find/replace dialog
If your page has lots of include pages, you can request a trial license to experience the full function. Please feedback if you have any opinion. Thanks~