Version 1.4.0 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Support JSP 2.0 tag/tagx file
  • [Requirement] Keep visual part scroll position when refresh
  • [Requirement] Update license page, add trail license request button
  • [Bug] Visual part no response when JSP parsing error exist
  • [Bug] CSS background image does not display in
  • [Bug] CSS style of include page is not rendered
  • [Bug] Position error when add attribute in DOM find/replace dialog
  • [Bug] Remove XML prefix when generate xpath in DOM find/replace dialog
  • [Bug] Xpath is not saved when click 'Save to Command' button in DOM find/replace dialog
If your page has lots of include pages, you can request a trial license to experience the full function. Please feedback if you have any opinion. Thanks~

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