Support for Eclipse 3.5

The current version works fine with Eclipse 3.5 + WTP 3.1 I also build artifacts.jar and content.jar for new update site scenario of Eclipse 3.5 Please let me know if you encounter error when using update site http://bravo.comxa.com/update Note: During the installation, there is a dialog to ask "Do you trust these certificates?". Make sure to select all and click OK.


Version 1.1.0 release

  • [Requirement] support page import for JSP include/forward tag, JSTL import, SSI(server side include)
  • [Requirement] Add UI for config file association
  • [Requirement] support CSS id selector and @import function
  • [Requirement] open file with preferred edit in JSTL view
  • [Bug fix] cursor does not move when click on visual part in some case
  • [Bug fix] scroll bar does not display if some CSS style exist
The page import function only support the file that can be opened by Structured Text Editor. For unknown file type such as *.inc, add file association is required. Two project options are added to control the page import behavior:
  • Render imported page for JSP include/forward, SSI... - Whether to enable the function.
  • Open editor for imported page - If click on imported element/text in the visual part, whether to open editor and move focus.
A new UI is created for add file association quickly.