Version 1.4.2 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Postpone visual part rendering after source code changed
  • [Requirement] Add more selection support in visual part
  • [Requirement] Support selected area changed if SHIFT key is pressed
  • [Requirement] Tag handler: rename "Output nothing" to "Output child", add "Ignore"(ignore all child nodes process)
  • [Requirement] Change save behavior of editor preference
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position in some case
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden SPAN element is wrong
  • [Bug] node.removeElementTag() does not work
Postpone visual part rendering could improve the performance when you continuous typing or format source code. Please feedback if you have other suggestion.


Version 1.4.1 release

Finally, the cursor and selection are implemented in this version:
  • [Requirement] Display cursor in visual part
  • [Requirement] Add multiple element/text selection support in visual part
  • [Requirement] Change selection event handling, visual part could handle most event come from keyboard/mouse.
  • [Bug] Truncate statement of JSP tag lib handling should be reversed