Visual part use Mozilla core, Linux version comming soon~

The first goal is provide the same functionality as v1.6.0
The plugin install requirement will change to:
  • JRE/JDK must be v1.5 or newer
  • Eclipse/WTP version (TBD... Currently, my development platform is Eclipse v3.5+ WTP v3.0)
  • XULRunner v1.9.1 (Mozilla runtime package) or newer
  • Required plugin "org.mozilla.rhino" change to "org.mozilla.javascript" (already included in WTP v3.1, it can be used with old version)

The XULRunner offer browser core engine, it support several platforms and more CSS3 support than IE. The bad news is Mozilla do NOT offer Win64 binary yet...

In my opinion, the Mozilla API is more useful and precise than IE. So I plan to stop IE core support in version 1.6.x. (This branch only include bug fix)

Please leave your comment here or email us.
Especially for Linux and Win64 user. Thank you.


Version 1.6.0 release

Here are the changes:

  • [Requirement] Remove XSLT handler. Add tag lib handler: run custom java script for output DOM objects.
  • [Requirement] Add new type "attribToElementText" to Primitive tag lib handler, it could output attribute value to a text node
  • [Requirement] Add new API: getChildElements() in java script object XMLNode.
  • [Requirement] Add global API log() in DOM find/replace dialog.
  • [Bug] Tablib config does not reload in some case
  • [Bug] Dialog is not open when click edit Tag lib config
  • [Bug] Use file attribute if url attribute is not specified
The new tag handler can used to simulate any HTML based tag library. I also implement several java scripts to support JSF dataTable and other tags. Welcome to share your implement here!