Version 1.5.0 release

  • [Requirement] Add new option 'Output empty element's id', useful for GWT page design.
  • [Requirement] Add axes support in Define Xpath dialog
  • [Requirement] Add xpath in Modify element dialog
  • [Requirement] Press tab key could edit next cell in String External Wizard and Modify element dialog(for eclipse 3.3 or higher version)
  • [Requirement] Import handle can import workspace file. The imported page support tag.
  • [Bug] Cannot start String External Wizard
The taglib handler "XSLT Template" will be removed in future version. Please feedback if you do need it. Currently, I'm thinking about add another handler for complex tag lib rendering. The handler could execute custom java script developed by yourself and offer required information for rendering. Please let me know if you have any opinion. Thanks.