Which version of JDK/JRE are you used to run Eclipse?

I'm planning to add script support in modify element/run macro. For example: To modify
<input type="text" name="foobar">
<html:text property="FOOBAR" id="Foobar">
The attribute value FOOBAR/Foobar must be converted... For other requirement like this, the best solution is allow user create script and did the conversion. However, the solution required JDK/JRE 5.0 support. Please vote or tell me your opinion. Thanks!


Version 0.9.7 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Add macro support which can run several modification with one click
  • [Requirement] Allow modify element wizard to be execute in WTP JSP/XML editor.
  • [Requirement] Support MyEclipse web project, the context-root can be used now.
  • [Bug] Fix render error when delete large area data in source code editor.
  • [Bug] Addjust layout of wizard
  • [Bug] XPath Search condition dialog return wrong value
Following page has been add to Modify element wizard for specify command info and quick defined a command. The search condition and "action apply to all nodes" in the wizard can be saved to a command. Then you can define a macro by "Create/Manage Macro..." Finally, you can run a macro via click the menu item of visual part. Note: There is a different between macro and wizard, The macro always search whole document and modify all found nodes. Another enhance is you can launch the modify element wizard in WTP JSP/XML editor Please select following item in menubar, The wizard is similar but no visual part.


Problem in MyEclipse

Currently, if you run this plugin with MyEclipse. There are following problem.
  • In v5.5.1GA, select a propert file dialog find nothing. But a file name matched *.properties does exist in project.
  • The Web project of MyEclipse is not based on WTP, so Bravo JSP Editor does not get context path. If the context path is "/mywebap" and there is a image file /img/example.jpg
    • The visual part will show the image with HTML code: <img src="/img/example.jpg" />
    • But the image will be broken with HTML code: <img src="/mywebap/img/example.jpg" />
  • Install this plugin in V7.x need to modify %MyEclipseInstallDir%\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\bundles.info
  • To install this plugin in V7.x, please refer Adding drop-ins to MyEclipse. Then copy the com.beck.ep.wtool_???.jar file to dropins folder. (Thanks for Jens.)


Version 0.9.6 release

  • [Requirement] Add value source generator to Modify element Wizard
  • [Requirement] Compare between value source and mapping attribute
  • [Requirement] Add editor default option config UI
  • [Requirement] "Ignore JSP tag/express" filter include the EL express
  • [Requirement] Provide new options for Show element name's location
  • [Bug] Editor's sash position save/restore problem.
  • [Bug] Border location of hidden element incorrect
  • [Bug] Cannot select input text of hidden element
  • [Bug] data missing when copy taglib config
Currently, There are three kinds of value source generator:
  1. Java Class Property - list all bean property of selected Java Class
  2. Resource Bundle Key - list all keys of a property file
  3. Other Element's Attribute - depend on selected element
The value source generator will output data to a editable text area. It could be compared with element's attribte value and indicate which one is different.