Version 0.9.6 release

  • [Requirement] Add value source generator to Modify element Wizard
  • [Requirement] Compare between value source and mapping attribute
  • [Requirement] Add editor default option config UI
  • [Requirement] "Ignore JSP tag/express" filter include the EL express
  • [Requirement] Provide new options for Show element name's location
  • [Bug] Editor's sash position save/restore problem.
  • [Bug] Border location of hidden element incorrect
  • [Bug] Cannot select input text of hidden element
  • [Bug] data missing when copy taglib config
Currently, There are three kinds of value source generator:
  1. Java Class Property - list all bean property of selected Java Class
  2. Resource Bundle Key - list all keys of a property file
  3. Other Element's Attribute - depend on selected element
The value source generator will output data to a editable text area. It could be compared with element's attribte value and indicate which one is different.

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