Your opinion about Linux version

There are several emails asking about the Linux version.
Currently, the visual part depened on Microsoft IE. So it won't be able to run on Linux...
And we don't have plan to rewrite it recently.

Most of the other functions are pure Java code. They shoule be working on Linux.
I'm not sure whether it is acceptable and how many people need it.

Please leave your comment here. Thank you.

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Version 1.3.1 release

  • [Requirement] rewrite dialog for define XPath search condition
  • [Requirement] bind hotkey to cursor config selection(default hot key is Alt+C, Alt+X)
  • [Requirement] Display tag name only if JSP tag lib is render to TD
  • [Bug] content assist show wrong hint if cursor is in end of line
  • [Bug] DOM find/replace dialog: Copy Editor Selection does not work
  • [Bug] cursor move to wrong position if disable "Open editor for imported page"
  • [Bug] editor preference config read wrong value for show tag name
  • [Bug] scroll bar control does not work in IE8
I also make a flash demo here. Please let me know if you have any suggestion. Thanks!