Version 2.1.2 release

  • [Requirement] Move selected area via drag and drop
  • [Requirement] Improve the selection for special element, such as: BUTTON, IMG
  • [Bug] Visual view: Switch file does not work in some case
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move to right position in some case
  • [Bug] Selection is wrong when select elements of include files
For more information about drag and drop support, please view this page.


Version 2.1.1 release

This version is focus on bug fix and improve selection control:

  • [Requirement] More handling for select between visual view/editor
  • [Requirement] Create/update taglib config wizard do not produce tag setting if parent config already defined it
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position for include files
  • [Bug] Selection in Visual view does not work if file opened by several editor