Version 2.0.0 release - Linux support!

  • [Requirement] Change visual part core to Mozilla XULRunner, include lots of hehavior change
  • [Requirement] Support WST only environment, such as: Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developer or Eclipse IDE for PHP Developer
  • [Requirement] Add zoom in/zoom out/custom scale support
  • [Requirement] Adjust label text/component position of String External Wizard
Finally, most implementation are done. Please read this page before install/upgrade to new version.

I make lots of changes in core engine It could display acid2 test correctly.(Hold ctrl key, then press the Take The Acid2 Test link)

And Doraemon which create by a CSS expert!

I notice Mozilla starting offer XULRunner 64 bit nightly build for Linux, but I don't plan to package a XULRunner plugin before stable version release.
If you are 64bit platform user, and install a useful XULRunner successful. Please let me know, think you.

To donated user: If you get invalid license file after install the new version, please send me a email and tell me your name/paypal email. I will send you another license file. Thank you.


Version 1.6.1 release

This version only include some bug fix:
  • [Bug] text after <br> does not render
  • [Bug] CSS id selector does not work in some case
  • [Bug] Error happened when click element of imported page
The Mozilla core version is still under development.
Currently, we have start some testing in Ubuntu 10.4TLS. Unfortunately, the build-in xulrunner seem not support Java XPCOM. The workaround is install Mozilla official build or xulrunner plugin build by ATF team.

The Mozilla core version will also support wst only environment, such as: Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers or Eclipse for PHP Developers. You can used it to edit pure HTML page.