Version 0.9.5 release

Here are the changes :

  • [Requirement] Provide wizard for batch rename element, add/modify/remove attribute
  • [Requirement] New option to display hidden element.
  • [Requirement] New option to show element name when mouse move
  • [Requirement] Add extra xpath condition: attribute name/value
  • [Requirement] If externalize string again, previous used taglib are used by default
  • [Bug] default handler didn't display " and ' char


Version 0.9.4 release

As I mentioned before, the release include following change.

  • [Requirement] Provide wizard for String externalize
  • [Requirement] Add new tag library handler. The visual part could read text from property file and display externalized text.
  • [Bug] Visual part render error when HTML Doctype is specified


Status of JSP string externalize

The function is almost done... I will release now version once all known bug fixed. view Flash demo here... During the development, I realize efficient editing JSP need a powerful feature to provide batch modification such as:
  • change CSS style to selected element
  • convert standard form to struts tag lib
  • ... waiting for your opinion
The next goal will focus on a new feature about this...