Version 2.6.0 release

  • [Requirement] Visual view: support custom width
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: new dialog for add XPath column
  • [Bug] Visual view: focus handle for text input and <TEXTAREA>
  • [Bug] Visual view: wrong rendering in some case
  • [Bug] Visual view: cursor position of <TEXTAREA> is incorrect
  • [Bug] Drag and drop to empty element move to wrong position
Thanks Erwin! An XULRunner runtime for Windows x64 is offered now.
Please read this notice if you get error message, especially for Windows x64 and Eclipse 4.3/4.3.1


Version 2.5.3 release

  • [Requirement] Visual view: replaced CTRL by COMMAND key for OS X platform
  • [Requirement] Visual view: add key binding for restore selection, select enclosing/previous/next element
  • [Requirement] Visual view: support moving selection in <TEXTAREA> and text input field
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: more options for copy result list
  • [Bug] Content might be wrong when reading CSS file in workspace
  • [Bug] Select <FORM> does not include child elements


Key binding in OS X

The HTML Visual view supported key binding since v2.5.2

Currently, some unchangeable key bindings are CTRL + other key.
But the COMMAND key is generally used in OS X platform. So I decide to make this change in next version.

I also plan support following commands in next version:
  • Select Previous/Next Element (ALT+CTRL+Left/Right)
  • Select Enclosing Element (ALT+CTRL+Up)
  • Restore Last Selection (ALT+CTRL+Down)
Unfortunately, the key binding of these commands are defined for editor. I cannot get key binding when program running. Finally I may use the static binding. (Of course, replaced CTRL by COMMAND key for OS X platform.)

Please let me know if you have other suggestion. Thanks!


Version 2.5.2 release

  • [Requirement] Visual view: move option "Change focus to editor after clicked" to cool bar
  • [Requirement] Visual view: add key binding support
  • [Bug] menu item text of zoom is wrong
  • [Bug] page not rendering when opening a non-workspace resource(such as: SVN history)
  • [Bug] selection of single element incorrect in some case
Supported key binding could be found in this page.