Your opinion about Linux version

There are several emails asking about the Linux version.
Currently, the visual part depened on Microsoft IE. So it won't be able to run on Linux...
And we don't have plan to rewrite it recently.

Most of the other functions are pure Java code. They shoule be working on Linux.
I'm not sure whether it is acceptable and how many people need it.

Please leave your comment here. Thank you.

If you don't like to post here, Please email us.


  1. I could not use this plugin,because there are many include tags in my jsp page. But this plugin doesnot show the pages coming from the included page. So the view generated becomes very bad.

  2. Could you open request a professional edition license in Windows->Preference?
    And tell me you like to test the include page in the mail.
    I will send you a license file which allow render all imported page.

  3. Just For the record - HTML rendering in anything but WebKit is now considered suboptimal :)

  4. How would I know - I only run Linux so I have no chance to test it...

  5. It doesn't work. I put it in the dropins folder, lauch Eclipse and nothing happens.

  6. Could you provide more information? Please open "Help"-> "About". Click "Installation Details" button and select "Configuration" tab.
    Copy whole text, paste them to a mail and send it to bravo.editor@gmail.com. I can check what the problem is.

    The possible problem is missing some required plugins. Make sure you have install Eclipse webtools. Bravo editor version 2.x need extra plugins, please check following page: