Version 0.9.7 release

Here are the changes:
  • [Requirement] Add macro support which can run several modification with one click
  • [Requirement] Allow modify element wizard to be execute in WTP JSP/XML editor.
  • [Requirement] Support MyEclipse web project, the context-root can be used now.
  • [Bug] Fix render error when delete large area data in source code editor.
  • [Bug] Addjust layout of wizard
  • [Bug] XPath Search condition dialog return wrong value
Following page has been add to Modify element wizard for specify command info and quick defined a command. The search condition and "action apply to all nodes" in the wizard can be saved to a command. Then you can define a macro by "Create/Manage Macro..." Finally, you can run a macro via click the menu item of visual part. Note: There is a different between macro and wizard, The macro always search whole document and modify all found nodes. Another enhance is you can launch the modify element wizard in WTP JSP/XML editor Please select following item in menubar, The wizard is similar but no visual part.

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