Version 1.6.0 release

Here are the changes:

  • [Requirement] Remove XSLT handler. Add tag lib handler: run custom java script for output DOM objects.
  • [Requirement] Add new type "attribToElementText" to Primitive tag lib handler, it could output attribute value to a text node
  • [Requirement] Add new API: getChildElements() in java script object XMLNode.
  • [Requirement] Add global API log() in DOM find/replace dialog.
  • [Bug] Tablib config does not reload in some case
  • [Bug] Dialog is not open when click edit Tag lib config
  • [Bug] Use file attribute if url attribute is not specified
The new tag handler can used to simulate any HTML based tag library. I also implement several java scripts to support JSF dataTable and other tags. Welcome to share your implement here!

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