Version 2.1.0 release

Change list:
  • [Requirement] Add HTML visual view
  • [Requirement] Support import/export css file in CSS style preference page
  • [Requirement] Prevent scrolling when selection change
  • [Requirement] Modify tag lib config dialog: improve usability
  • [Requirement] Primitive tag lib handler: add new action type for output resource bundle message
  • [Requirement] Add java script API: isElementContentWhitespace(), getBundleMessage()
  • [Requirement] Remove set file associate dialog at start up
  • [Bug] Resource bundle name should not include source folder
  • [Bug] Image/CSS does not loaded in some case
  • [Bug] Get class property error in some case
  • [Bug] Selection between visual view/editor is wrong in some case
The HTML visual view is similar the visual part in bravo editor.
But it could shared by all editor, so it consume less resource.
It also offer more support for include files.
For other editor which extend webtools, like Eclipse PHP editor,
we recommended you use this view.

Note about PHP: currently, all of PHP tag/code are not processed.
If you like to use include another page, the only way is SSI syntax.
For example:


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