Version 1.2.0 release

  • [Requirement] Change licence declartion
  • [Requirement] Highlight DIV, TR, LI with border style
  • [Requirement] Expend TD colspan if specify JSP custom code
  • [Requirement] Set default source element code for modify element wizard
  • [Requirement] Support command deletion in macro manager
  • [Requirement] Display APPLET, OBJECT, IFRAME, EMBED as image
  • [Bug] Render JSP tag error in imported page
  • [Bug] Wrong width for hidden element
  • [Bug] Seleciton move again after click on visual part
  • [Bug] Copy command error in modify element wizard
From this version, this free edition can be freely used without time limitation, commercial used is permitted. For different between free/professional edition license, please visit this page.

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