Team File List v1.0.0.0 release

Team File List is a Eclipse view offer following feature:
  1. Compare project files with version control source, create changed file list. 
  2. Export project files to zip file 
  3. Import files inside zip file into Eclipse project 
  4. Create WAR patch file (only test on IBM Websphere v6.1) 
  5. Run/define setting for unpack zip file to specified folder.
Source code can be downloaded from  https://github.com/BeckYang/TeamFileList
(Please go to there for feature requests or bug report...)

Binary build can be downloaded from https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4KuWV7cJg0JfngyWlFNYVkwVU1fZXNCakNNc3NhMkxTekttaHVvTU0wQjdyUW81OFJ5NGs&usp=sharing#list

  • Install Eclipse EGIT/JGIT v2.1 or above, v3.7 or higher version is recommended.
  • Copy com.beck.ep.team_1.0.0.0.jar and to $ECLIPSE_HOME\dropins folder. If EGIT version is lower than v3.7, please also copy org.apache.commons.compress_1.6.0.v201310281400.jar

Other optional packages:

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