Version 2.5.0 release

  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: add Xpath column support in result list
  • [Requirement] Define Xpath dialog: allow text node
  • [Requirement] Change cursor position after table editing
  • [Requirement] Use native selection for single table row
  • [Requirement] Upgrade Jaxen to v1.1.4
  • [Bug] Visual view: content not update after restore from fast view
  • [Bug] Drag and drop table row has wrong position in some case
I also upgrade the XULRunner in update site files. The version for Linux 64bit is based on the last night build. Since Mozilla has stop the support of 1.9.2.x / 3.6.x, these files maybe is the last version that support JavaXPCOM...

Please let me know if these files does not work in your enviorment. Thank you.

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