Version 2.3.0 release

  • [Requirement]HTML visual view: add pin for keep view even active editor change
  • [Requirement] Add selection support for <TEXTAREA> and text input field
  • [Requirement] Primitive tag lib handler: if render to input field, click on the text could move cursor to mapping attribute
  • [Requirement] Click HIDDEN label could change the border of hidden area
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden SPAN element is wrong
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden element is not remove after modified CSS
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move when click on <TEXTAREA>
  • [Bug] Edit handler dialog: HTML element name is not editable if type is 'Output primitive HTML Element'

From this version, the update site package include a installer. It could help you copy/unpack plugin files to Eclipse dropin folder.

We suggest old version user edit/delete a CSS class css_style_for_hidden_border in Bravo Editor/CSS Style preference page
The style default value is "border: 2px solid #556655; " in older version.
The new default value has been change to:
border: 2px solid #556655; color:#33FF00;/* the border color after click 'HIDDEN' label*/

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