Version 1.0.1 release

After lots of testing and implementation, the core engine has more support for text node.

  • [Requirement] After select/edit text node in source code editor, the visual part could scroll to the location of the text node.
  • [Requirement] Add new editor preference "Set Compatibility mode to IE=8"
  • [Requirement] Add new cursor option "By click position" for text node, the position of text node are detailed to char level. So the cursor of source code editor could move to where the the char is clicked.
  • [Requirement] Ignore the bgcolor attribute if the value is JSP scriplet/EL express
  • [Bug] visual part not response in some case
  • [Bug] a extra empty line displayed after BR tag.
  • [Bug] two scroll bar displayed if IE version is 8.x
  • [Bug] cursor postion config is not saved if open dialog select option and apply.
To use the "By click position" please go to "Editor default option" preference page or open "Editor cursor config" dialog. Select/add target type: "Child Text Node". Currently, the text node support will not work if IE8 installed and enable "Set Compatibility mode to IE=8". Please let me know if you have any opinion/problem. Thanks!

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