Version 0.9.3 release and planning new feature

Here is the change detail:
  • [Requirement] Support multiple elements filter in Outline view
HTML input include <input>, <textarea>, <select> Struts taglib include <text>, <button>, <select> and most visible form input The "Input element name..." also support multiple elements.
  • [Requirement] More control of cursor: if child element is not TEXT, try to find attribute: value/property/name and move cursor to there.
  • [Requirement] Allow copy parent's Tag handle data in taglib config UI
  • [Bug] Page style disappear after edit attribute href inside <link> element
  • [Bug] Visual/Source code isn't interactive if source code has more than one root element.
  • [Bug] After rename/move, title is not change. Visual part isn't interactive with source code editor.
Planning new feature This plugin will provide a new feature to externalize all TEXT into Java property files. Currently the idea are:
  • Provide a TABLE based UI(May similar to JDT's .java "Externalize Strings...") for editing: resource bundle key, to localized String, select exist bundle key from property file
  • Click on the TABLE row will highlight the item in visual part.
  • Write the change to property file
  • Implement new taglib handler, could display the externalized string instead of custom tag in visual part(Could config by Preference).

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